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"Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering" - Bill Gates

We are a dynamic source provider of a vast variety of answers when it comes to your technical questions and needs. Wayne started out providing solutions to minor tech questions part time from home, to the mainframe when he launched virtually in 2015 as the sole owner of ClickTechBlog.com. He is a computer whiz who is also embedded with the profound knowledge of fixing and maintaining computers, which he has done for 15 years.

He professionally got into the technology division 2 years ago when he moved from the Revenue Accounts Department for a government entity after they discovered his ideal talent for technology. The love for technology started back in high school in the 90’s when he was first introduced to computers using MS DOS and Windows 95.

It was further revealed when he quoted “Technology is not just something that I love, it has become a passion for me. It is evolving every day and if we are not up-to-date with technology, a lot of us will be left behind especially business owners, and I am here to help you.” With that being said, here at ClickTechBlog.com we aim to make your day easier. See more


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Wayne Umrah

Computer tech, graphic designer, webmaster & the owner of CTB. Wayne have been involved in the field for over fifteen years fixing & maintaining computers as well as keeping up-to-date with technology.
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Sansia Grant



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