Facebook profile video

New Feature for Social Media Giant – Facebook Profile Video

The social media giant Facebook is rolling out a number of new features and one of them is their profile video. Facebook profile video is a short seven-seconds looping video that replaces your profile photo. That means you can now upload GIF or a seven second video as your profile picture. Where Facebook Profile Video CanWork? According Read more about New Feature for Social Media Giant – Facebook Profile Video[…]

siri trick that no one discovered

One Siri Trick That No one Discovered

Recently, the team that originally wrote Siri (which was later bought by Apple) stated in an interview by David Pogue of Yahoo Tech, that there is a Siri trick that no one discovered. This trick according to the team hasn’t been published or mentioned anywhere. They’ve started a new company called Viv. How to do Read more about One Siri Trick That No one Discovered[…]

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata dies at the age of 55, the company stated today, due to a bile duct tumor according to ABC News. He led the company through years of growth with it’s Pokemon and Super Mario franchises. Also, he was notable for the hugely successful WII and DS consoles. Iwata, who was the Read more about Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies[…]